Aion PRO

Reimagining Video Storytelling.

Simple. Fast. Cinematic.

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▶ Real-Time Directing

Aion Pro Camera immerses you in the thrilling experience of directing your videos in real time! Switch between shots without the need to pause or stop recording. Craft dynamic stories by taking control of your narrative as it unfolds, ensuring every moment is captured seamlessly.

▶ Intuitive Controls

Direct your videos with unparalleled speed and simplicity! Hold down the Record Button to capture countless moments, then slide in four directions to experience the fluidity and immediacy of mastering essential camera functions Lenses • Flash Level (Back & Front) • Frame Rate Control • Zoom Level, all in real-time.

▶ Real-Time Multi-Camera Composition

Revolutionize your storytelling!Blend perspectives seamlessly with just one swipe, combining views from multiple cameras into a single shot without interrupting your narrative! Capture every angle with unparalleled ease!

▶ Soundtrack Sync Control

Elevate your video stories with the unique ability to synchronize them with your favorite music from your iTunes library in the very moment of recording!This innovative feature infuses a dynamic and creative essence into your video creation process, enhancing storytelling by letting the music become the inspiration behind your shots.

▶ Professional Camera Features

Immerse yourself in the world of advanced videography with our feature-packed camera settings. From precise control over ISO and shutter speed to creative options like Cinematic zoom and Dynamic Undercranking, Aion Pro Camera offers an extensive toolkit for crafting the perfect shot. A comprehensive suite of settings designed to meet the demands of both enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

▶ Instant Post-Production

Transform your videos effortlessly with our app's unique post-production twist. Your shots are instantly combined into one cohesive video story and from there you are able to apply advanced transitions and cinematic filters in real-time during playback—an innovation that not only departs from the conventional post-production workflow but also accelerates the editing process.

▶ For Every Storyteller

Whether you're a casual user, a content creator, or a professional videographer, Aion PRO Camera is designed for storytellers of all levels. Elevate your videos and share your unique perspective with the world.


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